"This is a cinch to use and if you do it 15 minutes daily in the beginning, it is a good opportunity for meditation/quiet time. Best to consult with your doctor...I am not dependent on chemical inhalers and this is a good substitute for me. Doctors who only ascribe to western medicine may not approve (as was the case with my ENT). But, I am still using it. I think you will enjoy this inhaler." James, US - March, 2010

P. Tennant

The size of this inhaler makes it very convenient for purse or pocket. When inhaled, it works as good as the larger inhalers. The nasal inhaler is a big plus that you don't get with the larger dry salt inhalers. Would recommend this product for anyone who has used the large dry salt inhaler and needs a smaller more convenient package. P. Tennant - Culleoka, TN - March, 2010


After having suffered from bronchitis, COPD, and pneumonia and consequently was feeling very bad and not having the strength to do anything, the Saltpipe has after only 4 days use made me to stop coughing and I can really feel my bronks being so much better and I have now strength to do so much more. Besides that I save money and don’t have the side effects from the medicines Atrovent and Spiriva. I am so very grateful that my neighbour heard about the saltpipe and thought I should test it. I will thank her with flowers. I can really recommend the Saltpipe. I can only say: PRAISE THE SALTPIPE Angelika Lönnström, Sweden (translated from Swedish) March, 2009


"Definitely worth the money, if you have bronchitis constantly (mine was from smoking) this product is the one for you. It cleared the mucous in my lungs and breathing through the inhaler actually became a substitute for the cigarettes. I am proud to say I am 4 days smoke free and using the inhaler to complete the clearing and healing of my poor lungs." Bliss, Boulder - CO - posted on February 6, 2009


I really enjoy the new “pocket” format of the DSI , it makes it much more convenient to use. Although I do no use the DSI on a regular basis I reach for it the second I come down with a cold to keep my breathing easy and strong. Francis, US - October, 2009


"Salt Inhaler has helped me to become free from the nicotine monster that has ruled my body and my time. Now, I am free from my drug dependency. Thanks!" Skutskär, Sweden (translated from swedish)


"Helped Me Breathe Better - I purchased this salt inhaler because seasonal allergies and cold weather irritate my throat and make me wheeze, and I really don't like taking medication. So I gave it a shot, and I'm happy with how it's working. My throat feels less irritated and I'm coughing less and breathing better." Sjoy, Connecticut - US

Eva Andersson

Hi there in "the saltcave"! Thanks to the saltpipe, which I paid on Monday, and your quick delivery to me - I got the saltpipe on Tuesday, sinusites and nose have greatly improved and can you imagine, I feel so many many times better. I have been using the pipe much more than the 15-20 minutes that is recommended as a minimum to get relief. I only say THANK YOU SO MUCH! Eva Andersson, Sweden (translated from swedish)


”I purchased this for my son who has had breathing problems since contracting RSV as a baby. We have rejected standard asthma treatment since it made him more sick overall. After only a few days of using the salt inhaler he was breathing better and stopped coughing. He is 8 and is not fond of paying attention to his breathing, so even with minimal use it has been helpful.” Anonymous, Queen Creek, AZ

”I have very good experience of the salt crystal inhaler, as my mum has been suffering from chronic bronchitis since many years and today is completely well after using the pipe. My son who suffered from infection of asthma and was coughing and had lots of mucus is also using the salt inhaler and feels better. I always recommend the salt inhaler to all people I meet as I through my own experience have seen the fantastic results, like a miracle!” 
Lina i Karlskrona, Sweden (translated from swedish)

”I received the new inhaler yesterday and I am very impressed with the design changes. Although the ceramic version worked wonders for me and was fine here at home, this new design is much easier to take with me when I travel. It also seems to target the upper sinus area where my problem exists better than the ceramic version. I am grateful for both inhalers and the opportunity to express my opinions on it. Good luck with this great product!” 
Ken, US

"I have been having huge breathing problems due to my allergies to ragweed and other pollens. Before spring is coming I am very concerned about the reaction of my respiratory tract to pollen allergens. I know that I will face huge breathing difficulties. I Bought the salt inhaler in February and I begun to use it before spring. I was very pleasantly surprised because my breathing became much easier. I tried several other medications and this is the only one that helped me."
Mioara Popescu, Bucuresti, Romania (translated from romanian)

"My mum has used the salt inhaler approximately 1 month and has experienced a clear improvement. Can easier cough up and feels better. She has suffered from COPD for 15 years and becomes steadily worse. Earlier this autumn she did not managed to walk longer than 20 meters before she needed to stop to take a breather. Last week she walked 1 km and stopped only twice to take a breather. Fantastic!"
Marie fran Östersund, Sweden (translated from swedish)

"My man has managed to considerable reduce medicine since he begun with its salt inhaler! He knew difference directly at first inhalation, that it actually opened and released in the breast since wants not to last without it."
Anna scythe in Åhus, Sweden (translated from swedish)

”The Dry-Salt-Inhaler really works well. My asthma has become much better and I feel immediately when I neglect to use it”
Karin in Västerås, Sweden (translated from swedish)

”I have fairly difficult COPD and last autumn I got the tip to use the salt crystal inhaler. I have now used it daily for 6-7 weeks and begin to feel a relief. It is not so heavy in the chest any longer.” 
Åke in Uppland's Väsby, Sweden (translated from swedish)

”My husband uses his salt inhaler each day and always at the same time. He thinks it is much easier to breathe now, so he is very satisfied!” 
Vaileth in Lidköping, Sweden (translated from swedish)

"I have sever bilateral bronchiectasis and chronic rhinitis. I would like to mention that after 2 weeks therapy with Dry-Salt Inhaler I feel much better especially each morning due to the elimination of bronchial deposits gathered overnight. Amazing what can I expectorate!!!!!! A very good product for lung diseases sufferers!!!!"
Ramona, Romania (translated from romanian)

"My wife had been lying in bed with respiratory aid for three weeks and had only 20% lung capacity when I bought her a salt inhaler. I had gathered internet information about salt therapy. At first, me and my wife were a little bit sceptical of the effectiveness of such therapy, but I decided to buy an inhaler for her. Now, after one month of daily therapy, she feels much, much better, walking in the woods and has tested her lung capacity at the hospital, which is now amazing 64%. This is not a very expensive product so I recommend you to try! It´s worth the money."
Sweden (translated from swedish)

"My husband has not needed to take his asthma medicine since he begun with his salt inhaler! He felt the difference directly at first inhalation, it really opened up and released in the chest. Since then he does not want to be without it."
Anne-Lie in Åhus, Sweden (translated from swedish)

”I got breathing problems after inhalation of Myrr, an ant poison. It only got worse and nothing helped. After a while I got the diagnosis of mild COPD. I bought a salt inhaler and after a few days I felt the difference. I could breathe much easier. Now I can take deep breaths and manage up the hills better. The salt pipe is worth every crown!” 
Eva in Bålsta, Sweden (translated from swedish)

"I have not had pneumonia for a year now since I bought my salt inhaler. Before I used to have pneumonia at least twice a year!
Lillemor in Saltsjöö-Boo, Sweden (translated from swedish)

”I received the inhaler a few days after I ordered it, and I want to let you know that I appreciated the prompt service. I have been using it faithfully daily. I think there has been an improvement in my breathing, but it may be too early to tell. However, I did want to let you know that after the second day, I noticed the sores in my mouth, caused by the prescription inhalers were starting to go away. After 5 days, they all were gone except a large one on the inner cheek, just inside the corner of my mouth, and today, one week of dry salt, it is almost completely cleared up. I cant attribute that to anything but the dry salt, because I have, for almost 2 yrs, tried everything, I always rinsed my mouth after using inhalers, and rinsed with peroxide, salt water, Nutri Biotic drops.. nothing worked. Just the fact that the sores cleared up makes the dry salt inhaler worth the price! I am so glad that I found your site while looking for alternatives to sucking up chemicals. I have cut my one inhaler down to one puff instead of 2 at night with no ill effects." 
Carol Leithead, Satisfied Customer! US

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