Salt Inhaler - FAQ

1.  How do I use the Dry-Salt-Inhaler?

The Dry-Salt-Inhaler is light and ergonomically shaped and you can comfortably hold it in one hand. Insert the mouthpiece into your mouth and breath in through your mouth. You do not need to breathe in more deeply than during normal breathing. Always try to breathe out through your nose, as this will ensure you will thoroughly cleanse your complete respiratory tract. The one-way airflow safety valve in the Dry-Salt-Inhaler will prevent you from breathing out into the inhaler. You may cough up some fluid or mucus after you use the inhaler – this shows the inhaler and the salt therapy is working and the cleansing of your respiratory tract has begun. Use the inhaler for 15 to 20 minutes daily, either in one session or in shorter sessions throughout the day.


2.  Is the Dry-Salt-Inhaler refillable?
The Dry-Salt-Inhaler is not refillable. After 1 year you have to buy another inhaler to obtain optimal benefits.


3. How long will the Dry -Salt-Inhaler last?

It will last up to 1 year from the first day of use if you use it at the recommended duration of 15 - 20 minutes daily and store it correctly.


4. What kind of salt does the Dry-Salt-Inhaler contain?

Natural selected halite rock salt crystals from the Praid Salt Mine in Romania.


5. Why does the Dry -Salt-Inhaler have an integral one way airflow safety valve? What is its role? 

The one-way airflow safety valve is a unique feature of the Dry-Salt-Inhaler. The safety valve performs two crucial functions. The first is to prevent the user from exhaling air back into the salt chamber. This ensures the long-term quality and integrity of the salt, which could otherwise be affected by the warm moisture of exhaled air. The second function of the safety valve is to make it easier to exhale through the nose, which is essential to get the effect of the salt therapy on the whole respiratory tract.


6. Does the safety valve stop saliva from passing through the inhaler?

No. The one-way airflow safety valve will only partially stop exhaled air from passing through the inhaler.


7. Is it important to exhale through the nose?

For the salt therapy to work, you must always exhale through your nose. This will ensure the salt thoroughly cleanses your respiratory tract. However, if you are using the nasal adaptor you should exhale through your mouth or the other nostril.


8. How soon will I notice the positive effects of the salt therapy?

If you are using the Dry-Salt-Inhaler for the general prevention of occasional respiratory problems, you will notice an improvement in a couple of days depending of your actual condition. Salt therapy activates your body's own defense mechanisms, which can help ward off seasonal microbial and/or allergen attacks. If you are using the Dry-Salt-Inhaler to treat a chronic respiratory disease, you should see some improvement in your symptoms 7 to 21 days after you start treatment.


9. Can I still take my current medication?

The Dry-Salt-Inhaler contains only natural ingredients so you can use it at the same time as medication. Please remember that the Dry-Salt-Inhaler is not intended to replace your current medication. Ask your doctor for advice if you have any questions or concerns about using the Dry-Salt-Inhaler for your health condition.


10. Can I use The Dry-Salt-Inhaler Saltpipe during pregnancy?

Yes, Dry-Salt-Inhaler contains only natural ingredients and has no side-effects.


11. Is the product suitable for children?

The Dry-Salt-Inhaler can be used by people of all ages, provided they are able to inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose. We therefore recommend that children younger than 5 do not use the inhaler as it's unlikely they will be able to follow this instruction.


12. Will the Dry-Salt-Inhaler saltpipe affect my blood pressure?

No, the amount of sodium and chloride ions that enters the body is negligible and will not affect blood pressure. The inhaler exerts only localized effects on the respiratory tract and has no systemic effects. Part of inhaled aerosolized salt microparticles are expelled when you exhale.


13. How do I clean and store the Dry-Salt-Inhaler?

It is important to store your inhaler in a dry place at room temperature to maintain the salt crystals in good condition. Do not store it in humid places, such as bathrooms and don't expose it to water or other liquids. You can clean the Dry-Salt-Inhaler with a soft damp cloth.


14. Is The Saltpipe a Registered Medical Device?

Yes, it is a Class 1 Medical Device, according to Directive 93/42 CEE Annex VII and also clinically tested.



  • 100% natural, drug free effective remedy
  • Prevents respiratory infections
  • Promotes bronchial drainage
  • Eases respiratory symptoms quickly
  • Help reduce asthma attacks
  • Reduces drug treatment
  • Improves life quality
  • Local effect mechanism
  • Excellent tolerance
  • No counter-reaction
  • No side effects, easy to use




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